Working at PlayBrain is a chance to grow your skills in marketing, creative, production or web development, while being immersed in the culture of games.

Let us give some pointers for those of you thinking of applying.

General Advice

Know your games. PlayBrain is an agency, but we are not a regular creative or media agency. We strongly believe that being able to get involved with marketing for games, means you need to know a thing or two about games themselves. That is not to say you need to be a pro-gamer but having a good understanding of popular games and culture around games will be a big advantage.

Know what you bring to the table. Read about the positions we are interested in below, understand our needs (ask questions if you need to) and tell us how you could help. Suggest something we haven’t thought of yet, or share some skills or interests you have that we didn’t know we even needed yet. We are always open to new ideas.

Think International. We are based in Asia (Tokyo and Hong Kong), and much of what we do is for the Japanese market, but as a company, we are not limited by geography. You will also need to have fluency in English or Japanese, and other languages are a bonus.

Be Flexible. Being a small company, means we all wear many hats, and opportunities change over time. Experiences are more than likely to evolve in new and unexpected ways for employees at PlayBrain, and someone who gets excited about that will go far.

The Positions

There are several roles we are interested in meeting people to interview for at PlayBrain. We are not always hiring, but we are always ready to meet talented individuals. Below is a description of our needs and how we work with each role.

Producer. A Producer at PlayBrain is the primary person involved in driving projects from concept through to delivery. They will coordinate with clients, vendors and internal team to make projects happen. They may also be involved in the sales process, especially with existing clients.

Creative. A Creative at PlayBrain creates the visual direction of projects to achieve the desired goals of a project. They will sometimes work with vendors to achieve the end result, and for larger projects will work with an internal Creative Director.

Creative Director. A Creative Director at PlayBrain directions large advertising projects and is responsible for brand positioning and creative strategy for clients. They work with our Creatives and Producers and handle quality control and other senior responsibilities.

PR Manager. A PR Manager at PlayBrain is responsible for communicating with game related or game interested media on behalf of PlayBrain and our clients. They write, call, and meet the right people to make sure we can communicate about PlayBrain’s services and our clients games.

Web Designer. A web designer at PlayBrain designs our own web platforms for game related communities and campaigns. The platforms are often for the Japanese market but may also include global projects or projects for other specific markets. The web designer works closely with the other members of the web team and Creatives in the company.

Web Engineer. A web engineer at PlayBrain is responsible for writing and maintaining code to run our web platforms and applications. Most of these will be focussed on game community and game marketing campaigns. Our technology stack includes node.js and NoSQL/Document DB on the backend.

So, do you see yourself here?

If one of these positions excites you and you feel you have something to bring to the team, we’d love to hear from you.

Send resumes to, and don’t forget to let us know which games you enjoy.

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