エレクトロニック・アーツはバトルフィールド ハードラインの発売に伴い、バトルフィールド ハードライン公式ホームページ、東京ゲームショウのライブ配信、広告キャンペーンの3つの重要なメデイア戦略を依頼しました。




For the launch of Battlefield Hardline by Electronic Arts, our team operated three key components of the communication, the Battlefield Hardline campaign site, Tokyo Game Show live streaming, and ad campaign.

The campaign site was heavily integrated with Twitter, creating a live news portal from tweets and activating with several campaigns rewarding users for their participation.

For Tokyo Game Show, our team operated two days and 16 hours live streaming on NicoNicoDouga, featuring special guests and all shot live at Tokyo Game Show.

In addition a strong ad campaign was conducted, adapting global creative for the Japanese market.