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  • 履歴書、職務履歴書
  • オートフォリオ(クリエイティブポジションへの応募の場合のみ)
  • 大好きなゲームとその理由!


Working at PlayBrain means being engaged with the games industry each day you are at work. It is satisfying, active and a lot of fun. We are a team who cares about working with great people and achieving great results. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who fit our culture, so if you have some talent and passion to bring to PlayBrain, we would love to hear from you. Specific positions we are looking for are listed below.

Any application should include:

  • Your CV
  • Your Portfolio (where relevant)
  • Which games you love and why!

Send your applications to




  • コミュニケーション能力の高い方。
  • 5年以上のプロジェクト・マネージメント、プロダクトマネージメントあるいはアカウントマネージメント経験がある方。
  • ゲーム業界の知見を有する、もしくは経験がある方。
  • 日英での日常会話ができる方(バイリンガル歓迎)
  • ゲーム業界での広告業務経験がある方、歓迎。

A Producer at PlayBrain is responsible for projects from start to finish. From the initial discussion with a client, the planning, and proposal, to the scheduling, project management, vendor and client communication, and the final delivery. It is not a solo effort though, a Producer works with the right team members and partners to get the job done, and communication is a key part of the job.

Job requirements:

  • Great communication skills.
  • 5+ years experience in account management, project management, or product manager role.
  • Demonstrable understanding of the games industry.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Native level Japanese and conversational level English.
  • BONUS: Game industry experience.

Creative Director



  • 5年以上のアートディレクターあるいはクリエイティブディレクター経験がある方。
  • 日英での日常会話ができる方(バイリンガル歓迎)
  • コピーライティング経験がある方、歓迎。
  • ゲーム業界での広告業務経験がある方、歓迎。

A Creative Director at PlayBrain gets to work with game companies to find the best way to express their brand. They are responsible for preparing creative proposals, and directing them through to completion. It requires a combination of a great creative sense, and understanding of the nuances of marketing games.

Job requirements:

  • Great creative sensibilities.
  • 5+ years experience as an Art Director or Creative Director.
  • Willingness to challenge creative ideas, and direct young designers.
  • Business level Japanese and conversational level English.
  • BONUS: Ability to write ad copy in Japanese.
  • BONUS: Game industry experience.




  • 2年以上のデザイナー経験。
  • オンライン広告物の制作経験。
  • Adobe Creative Cloudなど、各種画像編集ソフトの使用経験。
  • 日英での日常会話ができる方(バイリンガル歓迎)
  • ゲーム業界での広告業務経験がある方、歓迎。

A Designer at PlayBrain creates graphics for advertising in digital ads, print ads, OOH and more.

Job requirements:

  • Great creative talent.
  • 2+ years experience as a Designer.
  • Some experience with digital ad formats.
  • Great skills with Adobe Creative Cloud software.
  • Business level Japanese and conversational level English.
  • BONUS: Game industry experience.

Video Designer



  • 2年以上のビデオデザイナー経験。
  • カラコレなど基本的なポスプロ経験。
  • Adobe Creative Cloud(After EffectやPremiere)など、各種ソフトの使用経験。
  • 日英での日常会話ができる方(バイリンガル歓迎)
  • Cinema 4Dなど3DCGのソフト経験、歓迎
  • ビデオカメラやDSLRを使ったムービー/スチル撮影経験、歓迎。

A Video Designer at PlayBrain works on a number of projects from video ads to content production. They should be well versed with motion graphics, and have a style that can be flexible based on the needs of the project. The role suits someone who wants to get a lot of experience in a variety of areas of video production.

Job requirements:

  • Great creative talent.
  • 2+ years experience as a Video Designer.
  • Experience with basics of post production such as colour grading.
  • Great skills with Adobe Creative Cloud software such as After Effects and Premiere.
  • Business level Japanese and conversational level English.
  • BONUS: Cinema 4D or other 3D software skills.
  • BONUS: Camera skills for shooting.






PlayBrain has internships for the roles of Game Researcher, Designer and Producer. Internships are non-paid.

A Game Researcher Intern studies a game (including playing it) and collects key information about that game to help users create strategies on our DEKKI platform. Applicants should have great research skills and understand some key data formats such as json, common spreadsheets and databases, as well as being an avid gamer.

A Design Intern would be involved with the creation of game advertising graphics for digital, print and moving image. A candidate must have an existing portfolio demonstrating strong skills with Adobe Creative Cloud Software (such as Photoshop and Illustrator) or equivalent, and a good design sense.

A Producer Intern assists our Producers to manage projects, communicate with partners and vendors, and planning. An applicant must have business level Japanese and will benefit from having strong English skills as well.